Melody & Adam’s August Wedding

You might want to avoid this blog post unless you’re in the mood to go into a Cute Coma.  The sea, the sun, and an overwhelming amount of cute design work made this a perfect day!  Thanks to Ella Blue Studio for the amazing photos!  And if this wedding looks slightly familiar, that’s because it was featured on!

Brie and Poached Pear Purse
Zucchini & Manchego Purse
Smoked In-House Fresh Wild Local Salmon
Fresh Fruit & Berry Platter
Fresh Vegetable Platter
Custom Gourmet Burger Bar — Grilled on site
Mixed Field Greens
Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Other Vendors:
Ceremony Venue: Port Gamble Chapel
Cupcakes: Cupcake Royal
Bartenders: Pour Girls
Rentals: AA Party Rentals, BBJ Linens

Amy & Andrew’s July Robinswood Wedding

It’s pretty cloudy today, raining softly.  It’s been that way for a few days now… or months.  How about some beautiful photos from a warmer time?  So here are some shots from Amy and Andrew’s July wedding at Robinswood House, courtesy of Jeremy Leffel.  Oh, it was raining that day, too?  Well I guess that’s what you get in Seattle, but at least it was twenty degrees warmer!

Fresh Fruit & Berry Platter
Signature Cheese Board
Fresh Grilled and Marinated Vegetables
Roma Tomato Bruschetta
Assorted Quiche Petits
Warm Artichoke & Parmesan Dip
Fresh Herb & Manchago Cheese Risotto Cakes

Additional vendors:
AA Party Rentals